Justin Ma's Cinnabar Bow; archery notes, Mariner bows
Peter Dekker's Mandarin Mansion; antique Chinese arms trade, research, restoration

Suppliers archery
Hilary Greenland's Sylvan Archery; English hand-made bows and arrows
Magén Klomp's Fairbow Nederland; Europe's traditional online archery shop
Zack Djurica's Nomadic Arts; hand made leather quivers, bow cases, etc.
Jaap Koppedrayer's yumi bows; bows, bamboo arrows, and more
Lukas Novotny's Saluki bows; bows, arrows, composite bows

Suppliers armor
Caesar Zhiyu Zhang's Cathay Armory; Fine reproduction Asian armors, including Ming and Qing.

Stephen Selby's ATARN; Asian Traditional Archery Research Network
Peter Dekker's Manchu archery; Fe doro - Manchu archery
Ralph Leitloff's Chinese archery; German language Chinese archery site

Traditional Manchu archery; Facebook group
Chinese archery; Facebook group
Traditional Asian archery; Facebook group; The ATARN forum