Traditional Manchu arrows were typically long and pretty heavy in relation to the bow's draw weight. The bowyer advises using arrows that are at least 12 grains per pound of draw weight, with the optimal weight being around 13 - 15 grains per pound of draw weight.

Minimum arrow weights:
35# bow: 420 grains / 27.2 grams
40# bow: 480 grains / 31.1 grams
45# bow: 540 grains / 35 grams
50# bow: 600 grains / 38.9 grams
55# bow: 660 grains / 42.8 grams

Traditionally Manchus only used wooden arrows, usually made of poplar or birch, typically with long fletchings. Read more about antique Manchu arrows.

We don't have arrows available at this point. You can order ready made Manchu arrows or parts to make them at Fairbow.