About the bowyer

"My name is Jia Zhi Wei.
I’m a bowyer living and working in Beijing. Since 2008 I have been dedicating myself to the study and promotion of Chinese traditional archery. I have always been fascinated by the unique long-draw shooting widely used in traditional Chinese archery of the Qing dynasty. One of the many challenges I faced was to find the right tool for the job. I found it almost an impossible task to find a bow that drew and shot like a old Chinese horn bow. So, eventually, I decided to make these bows myself.

Based on years of studies of surviving antique Chinese composite bows made of horn and sinew, I eventually developed this full fiberglass bow which could almost perfectly simulate the long and smooth draw of the old Qing dynasty bows. Not only does it draw smoothly, it is more efficient than the originals of similar draw weight."

In 2012 and 2013 Jia Zhiwei was presented an award of excellence for his work in bow making on Chinese Martial Arts festivals.
At the traditional archery contest in Hunan in 2012 Jia Zhiwei received another award of excellence in traditional bow making.

Manchubows.com is an initiative of Justin Ma and Peter Dekker that aims to introduce Jia Zhi Wei's Qing style bows to a wider audience.